Early Action, Early Recovery – The Benefits of Early Physiotherapy Intervention

The Benefits of Early Physiotherapy Intervention


One of the most common reasons for absence from work in the UK is musculoskeletal conditions, including both back and neck pain.  The most recent report from the Office of National Statistics, released in March 2017 suggested these issues accounted for over 20% of days of absence from work, making it the second leading cause of all absences!  The negative impact of this is mostly self-explanatory, including decreased productivity at work, loss of earnings and not forgetting the obvious issue of being in pain.

As adults, most people we speak to will have experienced some musculoskeletal issues in their life, whether it be chronic back pain or multiple sporting injuries that have turned into known ‘weak areas’ in their body after years of overuse.  Certainly, different treatments may work for different people but one fact that is reiterated time and time again in scientific literature is that early intervention through a program of physiotherapy treatment can significantly reduce number of days of absence from work and improve recovery from these kinds of issues.

So what can I do about it?

Seek treatment as soon as possible!  Rather than wait until a problem has become chronic, schedule a physiotherapy assessment as soon as you are able.  This means we are able to advise on the best course of treatment, treat before secondary issues have had a chance to develop and importantly, minimise the length of time you are in pain.

What will physiotherapy treatment include?

This will depend to some extent on the nature of the injury.  At the Buckingham Clinic we like to take a ‘hands on’ approach so there will most likely be an element of manual therapy as well as an exercise component.  As our physiotherapist is also qualified in medical acupuncture, this may also be included.  Appointments are usually available within 24 hours so there is no need to deal with weeks of waiting lists before being assessed.  Another huge benefit of attending the Buckingham Clinic is that we are a multi-disciplinary service, including physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports and massage therapy, so the chances are you will be able to receive the treatment you need within the clinic.  Contact us now and allow us to help you on your path to recovery.



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