An easy way to healthier shoulders

shoulder pain

Do you ever suffer from shoulder pain or instability? Many people do, especially when exercising or playing sport. This is because the shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint, this allows for a vast range of movement but has very poor stability, therefore, it relies on the surrounding soft tissues for its integrity. Most gym goers train their shoulders to put on size or gain strength but never give a second though to improving shoulder stability or health, this will most likely lead to pain and injuries in the future.

The mostly forgotten muscle group responsible for shoulder health are the rotator cuff muscles. This is a group of four small muscles which originate from the scapula (shoulder blade) and wrap around the head of the humorous (upper arm bone) like fingers, anchoring It in place. These muscles are responsible for holding the humorous in the socket and are also used to externally rotate the upper arm. If untrained these muscles will become weak and be more susceptible to tears, this will also put the shoulder at greater risk of dislocation.

It’s surprisingly simple to train your rotator cuff muscles and doing so may help reduce shoulder pain or prevent shoulder pain and future injuries from occurring.

Below are a few simple exercises to train the rotator cuff muscles. This is done be resistance training using either dumbbells or resistance bands and is based rotational movements of the upper arm.

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