With the Cold Weather Coming In

back-pain-xmasWith the cold weather coming in, People shovelling snow and handling turkeys big enough to feed an army, winter can be a stressful time for both mind and body. Other than the inevitable ache in the stomach from over eating people may find themselves developing aches and pains they did not expect.

One of the most common is lower back pain. The vast majority of people have experienced some extent of back pain in their life, often this is just temporary and soon relieves, however, there are a few simple steps you can take to help prevent this. As well as gifts, food and family, take a moment to think about yourself and your posture.

The key to health will be:
-Correct posture like a Christmas tree, stand tall and straight and try not to arch your back.
-Movement, why not walk and see the lights on the street instead of drive a car and worry about icy roads and defrosting your car.
-Try not to fall asleep on the couch while wrapping presents, make sure you get to bed as it will offer much more support to your back to help prevent misalignment of the spine.

On occasion, minor back pain can develop into a more serious issue. Chronic Back pain can hamper people in their daily activities and impact their quality of life, but thankfully they need suffer no more. There are many helpful treatments that you can receive:

Health professionals such as osteopaths and physiotherapists can evaluate the problem and advise the best course of treatment. Treatments could include IDD therapy, this is a new treatment developed in America which is becoming increasingly popular. It is a non-invasive treatment which involves distraction of the spine to alleviate herniated or degenerated disks.

For soft tissue injuries, the practitioner may recommend shockwave therapy. This is another non-invasive treatment which is highly effective at breaking up scar tissue which commonly builds up with chronic injuries. This helps to increase blood flow to the area and speed up the healing process.

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