A Patient’s Success Story – Treating Lower Back Pain

I did some research online to find out if IDD Therapy could help me resolve my lower back pain issues that I had been having for several months. I had muscle spasms every morning and it would take me up to half an hour to get out of bed because of the pain. When the spasms would stop I would have constant ache in the back. I could not find any reviews where anyone’s ailments were completely resolved with IDD Therapy but then I also couldn’t find any where anyone had been badly affected by it. So I thought it was just one of those things that you have to try to find out if it works for you or not.

I booked 10 sessions as per the recommendation of the physiotherapist at Buckingham Clinic. I was told that people usually started feeling the benefits after about 4-5 sessions and that I might need to get additional sessions if I had not healed enough. I was terrified in my first session fearing the worst if the machine went wrong and damaged me in any way but the incredibly professional, friendly and CHARMING staff made me feel at ease that it was highly unlikely that I would be injured in any way.

The machine is intense. I was told some people fall asleep during the treatment but that was definitely not the case with me. The pulling of the back by the machine was unnerving initially and still uncomfortable in later sessions. Throughout the treatment my back was sore after the treatment for at least a few hours before the soreness settled. Though one thing was obvious from the second session. I was getting major benefits from the treatment right from the start.  Everyone reacts differently to the treatment but in my case it was pretty much instant healing. My spasms had completely disappeared by the fourth session. I would still have some stiffness when getting up from a sitting position but that too disappeared after the eighth session.

My back problems had resolved to the point where only exercise was required to build the strength in my back so I wouldn’t relapse into a similar situation. I have to say I don’t know how I would have gotten to the exercise stage without IDD therapy. I am glad I tried it and would recommend it to everybody with back problems. I would suggest booking the sessions daily as that might have been the secret to such a fast recovery for me. I did the ten sessions in 11 days with only 1 day off in between.

I hope I have provided a detailed description of my experience with IDD therapy and I hope it helps anybody who was not sure about trying it.

A massive thank you to everybody at the Buckingham Cliniclower back spasm

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