Back School

A new approach to treating back pain.healthy back schoolback school is a new concept for treating patients suffering with Back Pain. It consists patient education of both background knowledge and treatment skills; including physical exercises. All the lessons given are supervised by medical staff.

This is a common definition, it is important to note that the intensity and content of back schools will differ from clinic to clinic and even from patient to patient.

Back Schools are suited to everyone, in pain or not!

  • Patients who have never had low back pain (primary intervention) for preventative therapy.
  • Patients suffering with acute, chronic or with reoccurring a-specific low back pain for secondary treatment, reducing symptoms, improving movement and re-enabling daily activity.

A number of studies have shown that back schools are an effective way to treat patients with chronic low back pain.

At the Buckingham clinic we can provide gym sessions encompassing the Back School philosophy both as an independent treatment for our back pain patients or in conjunction with our famous IDD treatment! Why not check us out at

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