Helping change the lives of thousands of back pain sufferers

Nestled in the west end of Glasgow for the past 80 years, the Buckingham Clinic has a secret behind its shiny red doors.

Inside we find a clinic at the forefront of a real revolution in spinal care which is sweeping the UK. Clinic Director James Sneddon is the son of the founder and over the past 5 years has been busily helping over 2,000 people with a pioneering treatment for chronic back and neck pain and in particular disc issues.

Slipped disc, herniated disc, bulging disc, these are all terms which back pain sufferers have to live with through gritted teeth. And many suffer that awful twin evil – sciatica!

Sciatica is that shooting leg pain which affects 80% of people at some point in their life. It can be caused when a cushioning disc which separates the vertebrae in our spines, bulges outwards and presses on or irritates one of the spinal nerves which control our legs.

James Sneddon says “Sciatica is one of those conditions which can cause real agony for patients and which for years has led many people to have surgery.”

In 2008 James came across IDD Therapy, a targeted treatment which aims to relieve pressure on spinal discs and nerves to relieve pain and help restore mobility.

“IDD Therapy looks a little like traction but we know that traditional traction doesn’t work.” says James. “I could see how unlike traction, IDD Therapy focussed on specific spinal segments which would allow it to help disc problems.   So with a bit of agulp, I took the plunge to bring IDD Therapy to the clinic”.

Since then, the clinic has gone from strength to strength carrying out over 20,000 treatments.

“Initially I wondered if I had made a mistake but we soon started to see results. After six months we were so busy I brought another IDD Therapy machine to the clinic, added a gym and created a whole rehab programme for disc patients”

Maria Paszkowska is a patient of the clinic “I suffered for a year and a half with three prolapsed discs and shooting sciatica When my pain was at its worst, I couldn’t stand for long and had to take frequent breaks to lay down on a hard surface.

Maria went on to have a series of IDD Therapy treatments: “After every treatment session, my back felt less painful and I gradually became more mobile.” says Maria. “The treatment was very relaxing and all I could just feel was a gentle stretching sensation through my back which was actually quite soothing.

Maria’s life has been completely turned around since she finished treatment: “ I feel more energetic and I’ve been able to get back to my cycling, swimming and yoga and my chores at home without any difficulty. I’m much happier now and really happy to be back socialising with my friends. I’m off painkillers completely now”

There are over 1,000 IDD clinics around the world and since the Buckingham Clinic started, there are now 25 IDD providers in the UK. Treatment is provided by physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths and in studies has been shown to help 92% of patients who were previously considered surgery candidates.

With chronic back pain and disc issues reaching epidemic proportions and costing the NHS fortune, this non-invasive treatment option offers hope to millions. www.buckinghamclinic.com1cm spinal compression IDD LOGO

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